Genell Dellin


Comanche Flame

Destiny and dreams unite wealthy Spanish ranchero and headstrong Comanche hellion on a dangerous quest to rescue her people. Drawn by an ancient song into the life of tempestuous Ysidora Pretty Sky, Comanche-born Don Rafael, the adopted son of a proud Spanish aristocrat, cannot ignore the mystical visions that compel him to join Ysidora's quest to free her...

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Comanche Rain

Bitter warrior and disillusioned missionary share pain, desperate purpose, then a soul-searing need that bridges their chasm of hatred. A brutal attack by Apache raiders shattered everything Abigail Briscoe believed in--destroying the last shred of her compassion for the Indian tribes of the open frontier. And now, to rescue her kidnapped sister, Abby must put her trust in a handsome...

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Cherokee Sundown

He is Standingdeer Chekote, hero of the battle that was to save his beloved Cherokee nation. Inwardly the tender lover, outwardly the hardened warrior, he bears the scars of both war and love and vows to trust no man or woman. Until he meets the beautiful, raven-haired Tiana Tenkiller. Besieged by white men after gold and land, Tiana fights her...

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