Genell Dellin


The Renegades Nick

The Woman For the sake of her unborn child, Callie Sloane is willing to endure the hardships of this wild Western land---but not her attraction to an untamed half-Cherokee renegade. She lost everything to love once before, and she's not making that mistake twice. While outlaw Nick Smith may be the most handsome man she's ever seen, he's also the...

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The Renegades Cole

The RenegadeCole McCord, the most dangerous man in Colorado, is a hired gun with a hardened heart. No man will ever claim his loyalty again...and no woman will ever win his love. So when he accepts headstrong Aurora Benton's offer to be her bodyguard on a treacherous cattle drive he tells her it's strictly business, but finds himself drawn against...

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Comanche Wind

Betrothed against her will while barely more than a child, lovely, impetuous Jennie O'Bannion believes her life is over. Then fate intervenes on the Texas frontier, when a proud Comanche warrior claims Jennie as his own -- abducting the strong willed, flamed haired beauty from the man who would cruelly break her wild spirit. — Though she aches to surrender...

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