Genell Dellin


Honey Grove

It takes a tragedy to bring together Lilah Briscoe - pillar of her tiny Rock Springs community - and her granddaughter, Meredith, a big-city lawyer and self-avowed loner. Meri's uncaring mother drove a bitter wedge between the two women, and, except for stubborn independence, they have nothing in common. But when Lilah is seriously injured, Meri feels compelled to help...

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Montana Blue

Vengeance or love? — The choice was his . . . The cost of avenging the death of his sister was ten years in prison, but Blue Bowman willingly paid the price. Now he has one more score to settle: destroying the wealthy Montana rancher who abandoned his mother and shattered his family -- his father, Gordon Campbell. Strange luck...

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Montana Gold

Champion bull rider Chase Lomax is looking for his next championship buckle on the rodeo circuit when he meets Elle Hawthorne, a bullfighter who both attracts and challenges him....when Chase is severely injured, Elle blames herself....Chase has an added complication--his son, Shane, a former drug addict who has come to live with him....Chase is unsure of himself as a parent...and...

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