Genell Dellin


Genell Dellin grew up in a household of seven, which included Grandpa Grady, who raised vegetables in a big truck patch and hauled fruit from the Rio Grande Valley to sell door to door and Gram (Ara) well-known for her down home Southern cooking. Some of her recipes are now Lilah’s.

Genell’s great-grandparents, Frank and Talitha Alice (Briscoe) Robinson, sold their farm in Western Arkansas where they cultivated apple orchards and strawberry fields to pioneer raising oranges and grapefruit in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas early in the last century.

Since she comes from the small-town of Poteau, in the Little Dixie section of Oklahoma, writing the stories of Rock Springs is so much fun for Genell. It brings back great memories and a sharp awareness that living in a close, warm community is a strength and a refuge.

However, another side of living in a close community is that everybody knows everybody else’s faults and weaknesses. Genell’s two sisters, Linda and Bonnie, insist on telling everyone that as they were growing up, Genell always hid out, reading novels and writing stories while they did their chores and hers too.

Genell maintains that this is a wild exaggeration. However, she does admit that when she discovered GONE WITH THE WIND, she read it during every class, during piano practice, during meals, and in the car. Bonnie and Linda respond that, judging by the way she drives, Genell must still be reading in the car.

Genell Dellin has written more than thirty books, most of them contemporary and historical Indian and Western romances and/or family dramas. Her works include award-winning novels, an online novella, and a series of inspirational romances written as Gena Dalton, which brought her hundreds of letters from readers.

She is now writing a new series about families where strangers come home and friendships where rivalries find forgiveness; about farms where feeding people is a calling and romance where love comes at the most unexpected times.

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